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Pelvic Floor MOT

Are you worried about your pelvic floor?
Are you sure you can tighten your muscles correctly?

A Pelvic Floor MOT is a 45 minute session with our Specialist Physiotherapist. It can help you to avoid problems with bladder or bowel incontinence, or address any problems that already exist.

A Pelvic Floor MOT session includes:

  • Assessment of the sensation and strength of your pelvic floor muscles (using visual inspection and / or internal examination, subject to your consent).  You will still find this session useful if you do not wish to be examined.
  • Teaching you how to correctly identify and contract your pelvic floor and appropriate abdominal muscles.
  • Prescription of an individualised pelvic floor muscle exercise programme to help you to strengthen your muscles, decrease the risk of future problems developing and helping existing ones.
  • Full individual risk assessment for bladder and bowel dysfunction and pelvic floor prolapse.
  • Address factors which may weaken your pelvic floor.
  • Information and advice about other treatments available that would be beneficial to you.

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