Postural Assessment UK

Before engaging in any form of strenuous exercise, it’s always important to get a postural and/or core assessment. The procedure is basically aimed at determining muscular imbalances and how the imbalances can be corrected.  A postural assessment expert is tasked with the responsibility of analysing the body to identify which muscles are long and weak versus those that are short and tight. For instance, when you’re experiencing an ankle sprain on your left side, your walk is most likely to be altered. That’s because one side of the body (usually the stronger one) will naturally try to compensate for the other. This may result in torsion in the pelvic muscle structure.  In order to correct that, you need expert help.

Being one of the leading postural assessment and correction experts in the UK, we can help you learn more about this procedure.  Whether you’ve been experiencing trouble exercising, running or working out, our professional advice can go a long way in helping you fix the problem.

Why Do You Need Postural Assessment?

A person’s body usually functions properly when it’s in the correct posture. That means when there’s distortion of muscles and imbalance of core stabilizers, you’re likely to experience a problem moving or exercising. Postural assessment is meant to identify all these problems and fix the postural alignment to ensure the body moves evenly and that weight is distributed appropriately.

In order for you to perform at your best in any sport, you need the muscles, spine and the joints to work together. Misalignment of any of these three body parts can lead to injury, something that might distort your movement.

Postural assessment can basically help do the following:

  • Reduce pain
  • Mobilise stiff joints
  • Strengthen weak muscles
  • Stabilise stretchy ligaments
  • Stretch tight muscles
  • Improve general posture
  • Improve the body’s functionality for work and/or sports

What’s Postural Assessment All About?

Postural assessment is basically the process of identifying body muscles that can impact a person’s movement. All issues relating to posture are mostly addressed through a stability and mobility program, which uses exercises and stretches to improve muscle balance.

During an assessment, the trainer or fitness expert endeavours to identify any posture errors and body muscles that may be compensating for the imbalances. This may involve muscles that are tight or muscles that are lengthened. Muscles that are tight need to be stretched while those that are lengthened need to be strengthened. That can be achieved through flexibility and strengthening programs respectively.

Who Can Administer Postural Assessment?

Postural assessment is a skill that can be administered by a range of therapists and health & fitness professionals. Some of the persons you can approach for postural assessment and treatment include chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, osteopaths, athletic trainers and fitness instructors. The type of expert you choose to work with will largely depend on the kind of activity you’re engaged in and/or the severity of your structural misalignment or muscle imbalance.

Is Postural Treatment Costly?

Well, that depends on the nature of muscular imbalance and the number of sessions you need to get the condition treated fully. For an initial assessment, most physio treatment experts charge an average fee of about £70-100 per a 45 to 60 minutes session. Follow-up consultation may cost you around £50. Again, the price can be lower or more depending on the type of expert you approach and the quality of service they offer.