Professional Ergonomic and Postural Assessment

We are experts in providing reliable and high quality ergonomic and postural assessment. Many people are not aware of what the terms ergonomics and postural assessment mean. As a result, they ignore a crucial aspect of their health and overall wellness. As your trusted physiotherapists and experts in this field, we understand what these two concepts are and what they mean to your overall health, wellness and productivity.

Posture, or the position in which a person holds his or her body when sitting or standing. Simply, posture is the position in which an individual holds his or her body upright against the force of gravity when sitting, standing or lying down. This position is very important both on the job and at home as it can determine your overall health and productivity.

Good posture is the natural one and refers to the position which is realized when the joints are not twisted or bent and the spine is properly aligned. Any posture that distorts the natural alignment of the body is bad posture and often leads to numerous physical conditions. Usually, most postures can only be sustained for short durations. However, there are circumstances that make or even force, a significant number of people to sustain certain bad postures for long periods of time. For instance, a majority of the working population spend most of their waking hours at their place of work either seated behind a desk or standing in certain postures.

Consequences of bad posture

Bad posture, either at work or at home has serious negative consequences it leads to conditions such as:

  • Headaches/jaw pains
  • Shoulder/ back pains
  • Reduced lung function
  • Gastrointestinal pains
  • General fatigue
  • Misconception

Relationship between ergonomics and bad posture

Ergonomics refers to how you interact with the objects such as the furniture around you that affects your posture. At work, for instance, the type of sit and desk you use and how they are placed relative to your body can be the cause of bad posture.

What we do

Muscle tightness, caused by prolonged postures can be the precursor of changes in pressure distribution over the surface of your joints. This can lead to degeneration. In addition, sustained poor posture also results in the wakening of postural muscles which in turn makes it increasingly difficult to attain or retain better posture.

As experienced and qualified experts in this field, we do an ergonomic and postural assessment and offer solutions aimed at either remedying or preventing the problems that come with postural misalignment.

Our postural assessment service involves our experienced physiotherapists carrying out a detailed assessment of the patient’s posture. This can include the following:

  • In-depth postural observation
  • Strength and muscle testing
  • Full joint assessment
  • Evaluation of functional tasks


We employ the most current knowledge and skills to treat ergonomic and postural related problems. Treatment usually involves:

  • Hands-on technique aimed at treating joint problems by specific joint manipulation and mobilization.
  • Strengthening & stretching exercise program
  • Education about postural awareness in all spheres of life whether at work, home or during leisure activities.

Paying visits to the patient’s work-site to assess the working conditions as they affect the patient’s postural recovery and to give advice and modifications if and where necessary.

Seeking the assessment, advice, and treatment from our proficient physiotherapists will lead to significant improvements in the patient’s functional capacity while at the same time preventing the recurrence of the problem.