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Achilles Tendinopathy Treatment

What is Achilles Tendinopathy? Achilles tendinopathy is a condition that we regularly diagnose at Newcastle Physiotherapy.  Achilles tendinopathy is a term used to describe pain in the Achilles tendon. Where are the symptoms located? Symptoms can occur at the insertion (where the Achilles attaches to the back of the heel) or in the mid-portion of

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5th metatarsal fractures

What is a 5th Metatarsal Fracture? Fractures of the 5th metatarsal are an injury that we would usually expect to see in sports people, particularly runners or footballers, or in people with bone density disease such as osteoporosis. However, non-sports people can fracture their 5th Metatarsal when twisting their ankle as their weight is taken

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Lower Back Stress Reaction/Stress Fracture Treatment 

What is Lumbar Stress Reaction/Stress Fracture? Lumbar stress reaction or stress fracture is a condition we see regularly at Newcastle Physiotherapy. It occurs most commonly in adolescent athletes 12-19 year olds when starting a new sport, changing surface or when increasing frequency, intensity or duration of sporting activity. It often corresponds with a growth spurt.

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Tennis Elbow Treatment

What is tennis elbow? Tennis elbow is a condition we see regularly at Newcastle Physiotherapy. Tennis elbow is a tendinopathy of the extensor tendons which attach into the elbow. Medically it is also known as lateral epicondylitis as the tendons attach onto the lateral epicondyle of the humerus. What are the symptoms of tennis elbow? The

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Physiotherapy for shoulder instability

Physiotherapy can help with shoulder instability.

Physiotherapy for patello-femoral joint dysfunction

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Cocoa Cashew Energy Bites

Another recipe from our clinic’s dietician, Rachel Zibe. Made simply with dried fruit, nuts and no added sugar, these snacks are a delicious, chocolatey treat full of nutrients. So easy to make – pop them in your bag for work, training or an after-school snack. A healthy way to get your sweet ‘fix’!  Instead of

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Mint Choc Chip Smoothie

A simple but delicious, creamy smoothie packed with nutrients. Ideal as a healthy breakfast or snack any time you fancy something sweet. This smoothie is a favourite in our house. My kids love it because they think it tastes like a mint choc chip ice cream! I love it because it is a quick and

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Overnight Oats with Peanut Butter and Banana

An easy, nutritious, grab ‘n’ go breakfast, full of fibre, protein and healthy fats These overnight oats are the perfect solution for frantic, busy mornings, when you need something nutritious to grab quickly on your way to work, or before the madness of the school run. Packed full of healthy ingredients, they can be made

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Who is Pilates for?

As a Pilates convert and instructor, I would argue that everyone should do it.  But then, I guess I would say that. Firstly, let’s talk about the history of Pilates.  It was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s to maintain his own health following a succession of ailments.  It continues to be based on

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